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Live Life with Joy, Wonder and Style! A Cookbook for Food and Life Enthusiasts

Selected Recipes and Meal Ideas for Upcoming Cookbook
Tomato Pudding
Easy, with savory tomatoey flavors!
Hot Air Balloning Brunch
Great foods for a wonderous adventure.
Pinto Beans
My first stab at cooking, age 10
South Style Veggie Meal
Mostly veggies, but you can add meat
Not Your Grandmother's Matzo Ball Soup
Fabulous, fragrant orange scented broth!
Braised Lamb Shanks with Artichoke Hearts
Such exotic flavors!!
Health, Hearty Sausage Eggs Benedict
Comfort food with a healthy twist
A New Twist on Mash Potatoes
Traditionally, potatoes are cooked in water. However...
 Greetings fellow cooks and life enthusiasts!

This book is for those who already know how to cook but are looking for inspiration and new adventures in life and the kitchen. Over thirty years marinating in my head and I am finally taking the time out from my interior design and art careers to write it all down. I do hope you will enjoy what I have prepared!

I was born and raised in the south, Georgia to be more specific, so most of the recipes are informed by that. However, included are some very special dishes deliciously perfected by family and friends from all over the states and abroad. Most are simple and easy to prepare (I tend to be a lazy cook, especially after a martini or two!) and some are a little more complicated and ALL are open to creative interpretation and adjustments to suit your pallet. The most important thing is to fearlessly experiment and have fun!

What you will not find in these pages is hard and fast, detailed instructions, but rather suggestions, guidelines and ideas for great, satisfying meals.

As you will see, for the most part, the recipes presented here are health conscious. But every now and then you really NEED my Mom’s country fried steak with mashed potatoes and milk gravy! Yummm, the ultimate comfort food! So gather family and friends and maybe a little wine (you can even put some in the food!) and start your stoves!

And finally, being and artist and designer, artistic presentations and fabulous table settings are important and are part of the joy of it all. Make them as simple or elaborate as you want and remember that sometimes the simplest turns out to be the most beautiful!

A comfortable, inviting and functional kitchen is, of course, a plus, but some of the best meals I have ever prepared were in a kitchen so small, I could stand in one place and touch everything in it!!

I wish you all the joy that I have had preparing all these meals for my family and friends over the past thirty or so years. Happy cooking and always remember to “Live Life with Joy, Wonder and Style!”

Clay Stephens


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